Growth - feasibility studies

The population of Horowhenua is growing by more than 500 people every year and we expect the district will grow by a third by 2040.

Council’s Horowhenua 2040 Strategy sets out where the growth areas will be – you can find out more on our Horowhenua Growth Strategy 2040 page.

Two of the growth areas are Ōhau and Waitārere Beach. Both of these communities indicated through the Long Term Plan 2018-2038 consultation process that they are interested in having water and wastewater services in the future, so feasibility studies will be undertaken in the 2019-2020 financial year.

Ōhau – a small number of properties in Ōhau currently receive water from the Levin network. However, there is not enough for the whole community or new residential properties. Currently homes in Ōhau all have their own septic tanks which they have paid for and pay service providers to maintain. The regulations for properties with septic tanks are set by Horizons Regional Council – essentially each property must be large enough for the sewage to be treated and disposed of on-site. If Ōhau is to increase its residential density a sewage reticulation network and treatment plant will be needed.

Waitārere Beach– this community already has a wastewater network and treatment plant that helps to irrigate an exotic forest. You can find out more on our Wastewater Treatment Plants page. However, the seaside village does not have a water supply – homes are supplied by tanks which they have paid for, and which they pay service people to maintain and to fill during long periods of dry weather.