Processing and issuing Certificate of Acceptance (COA)

On receipt of an application for a Certificate of Acceptance (COA), Building Officers will review the documentation supplied and will check that all inspections have been completed and passed.

Statutory processing timeframes

The Building Act requires us to process an application for a Certificate of Acceptance within twenty (20) working days. The “20 day clock” starts when the application is received for processing by Council.

The period between 20 December and 10 January each year is classed as one working day with regards to the “20 day clock”.

Requests for further information (RFI)

If there is information missing from your application you will receive a request for further information (RFI) requesting further information/clarification or if inspections have not been completed. When a request for further information is sent the 20 working day “clock” is stopped and the application is suspended until this information is provided. The “clock” is restarted once the requested information is received and accepted.

Issuing a Certificate of Acceptance

Council may issue a COA only if it is satisfied, to the best of its knowledge and belief and on reasonable grounds that the unconsented building work complies with the Building Code.

The Territorial Authority (Horowhenua District Council) may refuse to issue the certificate if it is not satisfied that the building work complies with the building code. If this occurs you will be notified in writing of the decision and provided with the reasons for the refusal.