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The normal hours of work for Animal Control are 7.30am to 4.00pm on Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.
For all enquiries during these hours, please phone Council on (06) 366 0999.

Outside of our normal hours we provide an emergency after hours service. Please phone Horowhenua District Council on (06) 366 0999 for any urgent enquiries or requests for Animal Control assistance.

Problems with bees or wasps (swarms and nests) on Private Land

Council does not deal with wasps, bumble bees or bees on private land. You may either:

  • contact a Pest Control Company (refer to Pest Control in the Manawatu Yellow Pages); or
  • alternatively you could carefully treat the nest yourself by sprinkling an insecticide powder around the entrance to the nest at night-time. The wasps will carry the insecticide into the nest and kill all the wasps (do not shine a torch or other light on to the entrance, as this will cause the wasps to come out). Leave for a few days until there is no sign of wasps and then remove the nest if you wish.

If bees are on neighbouring properties, you need to speak to your neighbour first to resolve the issue. The next step is to call the Citizens Advice Bureau on (06) 368 9521.

Problems with bees or wasps (swarms and nests) on Council Owned Land

Council will remove nests from parks, reserves or other Council owned properties, ie street berms, waterways and pumping stations. If the swarm or nest is on a Council Reserve, street, waterway or waterway bank, please contact Council's Customer Service Team.

Problems with bees or wasps (swarms and nests) on Council Leased Land

If the land is leased from the Council it is the responsibility of the person leasing the land to deal with the swarm or nest.

Bees and beehives in an urban area

Bees and beehives may not be kept in an urban area without the permission of Council. Permission will only be given where it is believed that the keeping of bees is unlikely to become a nuisance or an annoyance to any person or potentially dangerous or harmful to health.

Conditions may be prescribed relating to the location and number of hives able to be kept on any premises or place.

Need further assistance? Please contact Council.

For dead seals, whales, dolphins or other marine animals please contact the Department of Conservation (DOC) in the first instance by calling the DOC emergency hotline on 0800 DOCHOT (0800 362 468).

For all other animals, such as dead cattle or sheep, please contact Council's Customer Service Team.

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