In the Works

Published on March 17, 2023

Manakau School Safety Improvements

Work has begun to make Manakau School safer. We’re improving car parking and installing a raised safety platform around the front entrance of Manakau School, as well as improving the footpaths outside the Manakau Bowling Club.

Works will be undertaken in three stages by our contractors, Higgins Contractors Levin, and are expected to be completed in mid-April.

Please be mindful of works being carried out and follow the temporary traffic management signs and cones each day while work is being completed, as these may be altered for traffic flow and safety as work progresses.

Cousins Avenue, Foxton Beach Drainage upgrades

Flooding has been an issue for Cousins Avenue West residents and we’re keen to address this as soon as possible. Existing culverts are being replaced and the drains are being widened to allow a higher volume of water to be captured, to help alleviate water pooling on the surface of the berm.

The new culverts will have an apron on either end to improve water capture and flow, allowing water to travel more effectively. The apron also provides a concrete surface that keeps weeds from growing around the inlet and outlet.  Work is due to be completed by Friday 24 March 2023.

Other work and projects

  • Work is underway on the new drain progressing west along Foxton-Shannon Road, Foxton.
  • A sleek new asphalt footpath has been laid around Levin’s Winchester Store & Dairy.
  • A new shared path is now open along Queen Street East, Levin.
  • The redevelopment of Foxton Pools is going well. Last week our Councillors and members of Te Awahou Foxton Community Board visited the Foxton Pools site to check on the progress being made. Demolition is underway with more structural demolition to start soon.
  • Hōkio Beach Road, Levin has been milled, paved and membrane sealed.