Proposed Plan Change 5: Waitārere Beach Growth Area (Withdrawn)

Proposed Plan Change 5 withdrawn on 13 December 2023

Waitārere Beach Master Plan thumbnail image.


Proposed Plan Change 5 focused on rezoning an area of land to the east of the existing Waitārere Beach settlement.  The area covers over 100ha and focused on future residential and commercial development in the Growth Area.

Proposed Plan Change 5 Withdrawn

At its meeting on 13 December 2023, Council resolved to withdraw Proposed Plan Change 5.

The plan change was withdrawn for a number of reasons, including delays in the process and the need to understand the effect of groundwater changes that were observed in 2022 and the management of the resulting overland stormwater flows across the settlement.

Withdrawal of the Proposed Plan Change means that existing Operative District Plan provisions remain place.

Once the above issues are resolved, Council can revisit the plans for Waitārere Beach and initiate another plan change process, utilising the work done so far.

Although PPC5 has been withdrawn, the documents remain available for viewing below.

If you have any questions about the decision to withdraw Proposed Plan Change 5 please email or call us on 06 366 0999 and ask to speak to Lauren Baddock.

If you have questions about subdividing, please contact Council's Planning team on or 06 366 0999.