Cemetery - Fees & Charges


Horowhenua District Council's Cemetery fees and charges for the 2018/2019 financial year are provided below.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2018. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time.

Please check with Council for any updates.

2018/2019 Fees 
 Adult    $1,600.00 
 Child (up to 13 years)   Free 
 Lawn Ashes   $800.00 
 RSA Plot   Free 
 RSA Ashes Plot   Free 
 Stillborn   Free 
 Memoriam Ashes Garden Plots   $620.00 
 Ashes Wall (Foxton only)  $150.00 
 Remembrance Wall (Foxton Only)   $150.00 
 Te Pungarehu Bush - Ashes Scatter  $100.00 
Reserved Plots
Reserved plots are only available at Shannon, Manakau and Foxton Cemeteries. Reserved plots, returned to Council, will be refunded at 50% of the purchase price. The plot cancellation fee also applies.  
Burial    $2,450.00 
Lawn Ashes   $1,200.00 
Memoriam Ashes Garden Plot   $950.00 
Interment Fees  
Burial Fee (14 Years and over, including Services Personnel)   $1,175.00 
Child (up to 13 Years)   Free 
Ashes  $260.00 
Other Cemetery Fees  2018/19 
Double Depth (More than One Burial)   $310.00 
Triple Depth (More than Two Burials - Available at Avenue Cemetery Only)   $420.00 
After Hours (Additional to Standard Fee)
Applies to all interments extending past 1.00pm Saturday and 4.00pm weekdays.  
Out of District Fee per Plot (Additional to Standard Fee) 
Applies to all interments where the deceased was not living in the District or was not a ratepayer at the time of the death.  
Monumental Permit 
A monumental permit is required for all headstone repairs and new headstones and plaques including ashes garden plaques within the cemetery.  
Disinterment Cost 
Cutting and Removing Concrete   Cost 
Sundays and Public Holidays Fee
Applies to all interments on Sundays and public holidays excluding Easter Sunday, Anzac Day, Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day when no interments are permitted.  
Manual Records Search Fee - Per Entry   Cost 
Plot Cancellation (Reserved Plots)   $230.00