Flagtrax Streetlight Flags


Horowhenua District Council has a streetlight flag system called Flagtrax which has been installed to promote events or programmes. Flagtrax are to be used to feature upcoming events in Horowhenua which contribute to the vibrancy of the District (Festivals, tournaments, arts and culture events, public conventions and conferences, graduations, fundraising events open to the general public, awareness campaigns etc). Priority is given to (in order):

  1. Horowhenua District Council and Civic events
  2. Events sponsored by Council
  3. Other major events across the District

The following guidelines have been put in place to provide clarity to the booking process and to ensure that promotional opportunities are used to best effect.

General Guidelines For Flags

  1. Please note that only Horowhenua District Council approved contractors are able to install Flagtrax flags within Horowhenua District Boundaries. This is to ensure that flags are installed in a timely manner that complies with all safety standards, existing bylaws and rules, does not cause damage to existing infrastructure or disruption to traffic flow.
  2. The applicant is responsible for supplying their own flags and all associated costs including installation/removal costs and maintenance of flags as required. The applicant will arrange for flags to be dropped to Horowhenua District Council’s Levin office, and picked up after removal at a time agreed upon with Council Officers.
  3. The message on all flags must be simple and concise with clear and easy to read lettering. Horowhenua District Council will need to approve all flags before installation. Horowhenua District Council has the absolute right to refuse to display any flag if it is not deemed suitable for any reason. Do not use material, including images for which you do not have the copyright permission. Any copyright infringement falls on the individual/organisation purchasing the flag.
  4. Flags must not conflict with traffic signals.
  5. Street light flags must remain in good condition and installed correctly at all times. Ripped and tattered flags are not acceptable. The applicant is responsible for any costs incurred in repairing, replacing, reinstalling or removing faulty flags.
  6. Prohibited content includes:
    • Product or service advertising not relating to an event or approved promotion
    • Election advertising by candidates
    • Recruitment of members to an organisation
    • Religious or Political Notices
    • Any content considered inappropriate, offensive or obscene by the Communications Manager at Horowhenua District Council.
    • Horowhenua District Council has the absolute right to refuse to display any flag if it is not deemed suitable for any reason.

We expect the system to be well utilised, to ensure we can accommodate bookings we need to have all booking 2 months in advance. Bookings are taken up to 12 months in advance and will be acknowledged by email.

As per guidelines. The cost of printing the flags for each event falls to the event organiser. Once you have a confirmed booking for the FlagTrax you can arrange and pay for your Flags to be be ordered through Flagmakers, who are Council's preferred supplier. It is advised that you allow HDC to review the final artwork before printing as only Flags which have been approved by HDC will be allowed to be used.

Please list your event on Eventfinda (free). This will ensure that your event is included on the Horowhenua District Council event calendar as well as other national event calendars. Only events listed on Eventfinda will be eligible to use the FlagTrax .

To make a booking, or for any questions in relation to promotional opportunities for events please email helenh@horowhenua.govt.nz or call 06 3660999.