Mangahao Reserve and White Water Park, Mangaore

Mangahou Reserve

Mangahao White Water Park is a world class venue and a great place to watch kayakers rodeo kayaking or ‘hot dogging’ during competitions. The area, located below the Mangahao Power Station at Shannon, has been transformed into a community based nature reserve with world class kayaking facility by a community trust. The 300 metre section of river immediately below the power station has been modified so that water hydraulics form features perfect for slalom and freestyle white water paddling. The riverbank has been developed into a small nature park complete with native plants, perfect for family picnicking. There is also a community hall and toilets nearby. The area is a gateway for mountain bikers to go for a ride up to the dams (3-4 hours) and to tramps in the Tararua Forest Park.


End of Mangahao Rd, Shannon 4474  View Map

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