Community Wellbeing Committee

Community Wellbeing Committee - Younger and Older hands holding.

The Community Wellbeing Committee is made up of Councillor and Community representation, and is an official subcommittee of Council aimed at providing collective leadership, advocacy and holistic outcomes that enable the population of Horowhenua to be well together.

The committee meets quarterly in the Council Chambers at Horowhenua District Council.

Responsibilities of the Community Wellbeing Committee

The Community Wellbeing Committee will have responsibility to:

  • monitor and receive reports from Council on the population level results
  • receive six monthly reports from all member agencies regarding activity directed at target population groups and provision of data that relates to specified strategy indicators
  • actively encourage coordination of members and their activities
  • foster strategic collaborations and partnerships
  • provide advice to Council Officers on matters of community wellbeing in relation to specific target populations
  • seek to collectively influence relevant public policy
  • communicate Committee activity and information to the public
  • educate the public and community on wellbeing matters
  • actively seek individual agency performance improvement, as well as “community wide” improvement
  • encourage community-based local solutions to local issues
  • keep the wider community updated on progress towards the results sought across the Horowhenua District.