Youth Excellence Scholarships

Established in 2004 and awarded annually, the Horowhenua Youth Excellence Scholarships are designed to reward young people's efforts in particular areas:

  • Community Services - for recognition of outstanding service to the community
  • Excellence in Sport
  • Excellence in Academia
  • Excellence in Art and Culture

These scholarships are designed to not only recognise achievements and contributions, but also to assist the recipient to continue succeeding in their endeavours with each one being worth $250.

Criteria for Youth Excellence Scholarships  

  • Youth Excellence Scholarships reward young people's efforts in community service or excellence in sport, academia or art and culture. 
  • To be eligible for these scholarships, the nominee must live in the Horowhenua District and be between the ages of 12 and 24 years. 
  • These Scholarships are also designed to help youth in the Horowhenua reach their potential and can be utilised to fund activities that applicants are participating in such as sports, arts, cultural, academic or work in the community.

2019 Horowhenua Youth Excellence Scholarships

A total of 12 scholarships across the four different categories listed above were available in 2019. Recipients and their whānau were invited to attend the Civic Awards evening on Thursday, 29 November 2019, when the awards were presented.

The Council’s 2019 Horowhenua Youth Excellence Scholarships were presented to 12 young people.

These acknowledge excellence in academic subjects, arts and culture, community service, and sport, by young people aged between 12 and 24.

The $250 scholarships primarily acknowledge excellence, but also provide a small financial contribution and encourage local young people to strive to achieve their goals and dreams.

Horowhenua Youth Excellence Scholarships recipients:

George Edwards (community service)

Maia Chambers (community service)

Christina Cameron (arts & culture)

Oliver Parrant (arts & culture)

Carter MacLean (arts & culture)

Kate Rowan (academia)

Josh Madgwick (academia)

Abbey Smale (academia)

Samantha Heyward (sport)

Ilisoni Rauhihi (sport)

Caitlin O’Sullivan (sport)


Past Recipients

Past Youth Excellence Scholarship recipients can be viewed on our Past Award Recipients page.