Community Wellbeing Committee

Community Wellbeing Committee - Younger and Older hands holding.

The Community Wellbeing Committee is made up of Councillor and Community representation, acting as an official subcommittee of Horowhenua District Council to provide effective leadership and strategic vision within the Community Wellbeing area.

Terms of Reference for the Community Wellbeing Executive Committee are:

  • To represent, and act as an advocate, for the Horowhenua community in matters of health, transport and social development.
  • To monitor trends in health and social development and to advocate for the appropriate level of service delivery to meet the needs of the community. To identify key needs and areas for improvement in health and social services in the Horowhenua.
  • To act as a channel for community groups and organisations to access Horowhenua District Council’s support and involvement in health and social development issues.
  • To provide strategic leadership to the long term development of health (and social services) in the region and to provide a forward-looking perspective.
  • To promote the current services available to the community to ensure utilisation of existing resources.
  • To act as an environment in which formal and information networking between organisations can occur.
  • To formulate policy recommendations for local, regional and national stakeholders.
  • To communicate and liaise with community organisations and special interest groups within the community of matters of interest and concern, principally through Community Wellbeing forums.

Community Wellbeing Executive Committee Limitations

  • Members will carry out community liaison and project work within agreed areas as specified by the Executive Committee.
  • Interaction with Government agencies and politicians by Executive members will be carried out by nominated persons only.
  • Nominations will be made at Executive Committee Meetings and will be recorded in the Minutes. Members will keep the Council Community Development Manager fully briefed on any activities they are undertaking in relation to Community Wellbeing Executive activities.