Animal Control - Fees & Charges

Animal Control

Horowhenua District Council's Animal Control fees and charges for the 2020/2021 financial year, adopted by Council on 6 May 2020, are available below.

The standard fee for a de-sexed pet dog is $72, with fees for other classes of dogs ranging from free (for a disability assistance dog) to $120 for an entire dog.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2020. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with Council for any updates.

Animal Control fees pay for:

  • running the Animal Services Department;
  • actioning complaints;
  • education programmes and material;
  • Pound facilities; and
  • legal costs.
Dog Registration
 2020/2021 Fees
From 1 July 2020
Disability Assist Dog (Class 12) Free
Selected Owner Status (Class 15)  $60.00
NZKC Registered Status (Class 8)   $60.00
Racing Greyhound Registered Status (Class 6)  $60.00
De-sexed Pet Urban (Class 3)   $72.00
Entire Pet Urban (Class 11)   $120.00
Working Dog (Class 2)    $58.00
Stock (Farm) Dog Excempt Microchipping (Class 16) $58.00
Rural Dog De-sexed (Class 17) $72.00
Rural Dog Entire (Class 14)   $120.00
Puppy (Class 13)   $50.00
Superannuitant Owner (Class 1)   $72.00
Dangerous Dog De-sexed (Class 5)   150% of fee
Dangerous Dog Entire (Class 4)   150% of fee
Late Fee Fee plus 50% if paid
after 31 July 2020
Other Fees & Charges
 2020/2021 Fees
from 1 July 2020
Animal Control Officer Hourly Rate  $155.00
Registration Discs  
Transfer from Another Local Authority Free
Replacement Disc $5.00
Dog Impounding  
First Impound Fee, Per Dog $80.00
Second Impound Fee, Per Dog $130.00
Third and Subsequent Impound Fee, Per Dog $180.00
Daily Fee Cost, Per Dog   $10.00
After-Hours Cost in Respect of any Impoundment $155.00
Dog Surrender Fee $45.00
Microchipping Fee (following impoundment)  $25.00
Stock Impounding (any four-legged, hoofed animal)  
First Impound Fee   $80.00
Second Impound Fee  $130.00
Third and Subsequent Impound Fee  $180.00
After-Hours Call Out, Whether Animal(s) Impounded or Not  $155.00
Daily Fee Costs, Per Head  $7.00
Associated Costs (Transportation, Hay and the Like) Cost + 20%
Cage Deposit (50% Refundable)   $24.00
Feral Cat Euthanasia  $20.00
Kennel Licence (NZKC / Greyhound)   
First Time Applicants  $30.00
Additional Dog Licence Application  $30.00
Dog Infringement Fees
Fees are set by Legislation

Wilful obstruction of dog control officer or ranger $750.00
Failure or refusal to supply information or wilfully providing false particulars   $750.00
Failure to supply information or wilfully providing false particulars about dog   $750.00
Failure to comply with any bylaw authorised by the section   $300.00
Failure to undertake dog owner education programme or dog obedience course (or both)   $300.00
Failure to comply with obligations of probationary owner   $750.00
Failure to comply with effects of disqualification   $750.00
Failure to comply with effects of classification of dog as dangerous dog   $300.00
Fraudulent sale or transfer of dangerous dog   $500.00
Failure to comply with effects of classification of dog as menacing dog   $300.00
Failure to advise person of muzzle and leashing requirements   $100.00
Failure to implant microchip transponder in dog   $300.00
False statement relating to dog registration   $750.00
Falsely notifying death of dog   $750.00
Failure to register dog   $300.00
Fraudulent procurement or attempt to procure replacement dog registration label or disc   $500.00
Failure to advise change of dog ownership   $100.00
Failure to advise change of address $100.00
Removal, swapping, or counterfeiting of registration label disc   $500.00
Failure to keep dog controlled or confined   $200.00
Failure to keep dog under control   $200.00
Failure to provide proper care and attention, to supply proper and sufficient food, water, and shelter, and to provide adequate exercise   $300.00
Failure to carry leash in public   $100.00
Failure to advise of muzzle and leashing requirements   $100.00
Releasing dog from custody   $750.00