Water Leaks

Identifying water leaks at your property is a simple task that can greatly benefit you and the community.

For many properties, water leaks may not be obvious but can cause aesthetic damage or even compromise the structural integrity of the property. If your property’s water supply is metered, it may also result in high water-use charges. Community benefits include reducing demand on water supplies and treatment processes; overall creating savings and efficiencies.

If your property does not have a meter

To check for signs of a water leak:

  1. Trace the route from your toby to where the pipe enters the house and check for wet areas or obvious leaks from fittings and connections.
  2. If you come across standing or running water and you are not sure if it is a leak, you can get a free test kit with instructions from Council’s main office in Levin. This is a simple test that requires a sample of water, the test kit sachet and a few minutes of time. If the water turns pink, then you have a water leak and you may want to contact a plumber.

If your property is metered

There is a simple five minute ‘cup of tea/coffee’ test that can be carried out at a time most convenient to you:

  1. Walk around the house and make sure all taps are turned off and all water using machines (dishwashers, washing machines, etc) are not operating; then make a cup of tea or coffee.
  2. Locate the blue water meter lid on the footpath, lift it up and write down the time and reading on the meter inside.
  3. Sit down and relax for five minutes while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.
  4. Re-read your water meter, taking note of the reading and time again. If the numbers have changed then you might have a water leak and you may want to contact a plumber. If you are unsure, Council’s water services staff can come and double check it for you.