Levin’s town water supply future-proofing continues

Published on June 02, 2017


Horowhenua District Council has secured its desired volume of water it can draw from the Ohau River source for Levin’s town water supply.

Council has gained the resource consent to abstract up to 15,000 cubic metres per day from the Ohau River, except when the flow is at a certain lower level when no more than 13,000 cubic metres can be abstracted. The resource consent is for the period until to July 2042.

Council’s Infrastructure Services Group Manager Gallo Saidy says this will ensure a reliable potable water supply service to Levin residents into the future, particularly important considering the population, housing and commercial growth already underway in the District.

State highway upgrades north of Wellington is the catalyst expected to drive the significant growth in Horowhenua, with New Zealand Institute of Economic Research forecasting that by 2036 the District’s population will increase by 8600 people and the number of households will increase by 4900.

In addition to the current Levin Water Treatment Plant upgrade, Mr Saidy said the new resource consent, granted by Horizons Regional Council following approval by the Environment Court, will help future-proof the Levin water supply service.

“A secure and reliable water supply is essential to the wellbeing, health and safety of people and communities in Levin.”

Mr Saidy said the water abstracted from the river will be used efficiently, being mindful of water conservation but also aware that every bit of water treated carries a cost.

He said that water demand is generally stable with year-on-year variability being predominantly influenced by climate, water restrictions and industrial activity. As would be expected, demand is highest in the summer months when temperatures are warmer and there is more demand for outdoor activities. Peak demand typically occurs in January and February.

Horowhenua District Council’s Resource Consent application included an Assessment of the Environmental Effects of the proposed allocation.  Council has also established a Levin Water Working Group, including representatives from the community, iwi, environmental and water recreation groups.

“We have been collaboratively working with all stakeholders such as Horizons, Water Environmental Care Association, iwi and others that has helped enable the outcome achieved, providing the level of certainty needed for the future water supply to the town,” Mr Saidy said.


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