Mobile Phone Recycling

Horowhenua District Council is proud to be a collection point for old mobile phones.

A collection bin for old and unwanted mobile phones is available in the foyer of Horowhenua District Council's main office at 126 Oxford Street, Levin.

Drop off your old mobile phones

People are encouraged to gather up any unwanted mobile phones from work, home, family, friends or neighbours and deposit them in the collection box.  All mobile phones are accepted regardless of condition (working or non-working), make or model.

What happens after collection?

Once collected, the phones are passed on to specialist recycling company Swapkit, which will grade the phones and erase all data on them. Sim and memory cards are also removed and destroyed.

Phones that can still be used are sold to off-shore businesses that specialise in the resale of second hand mobile phones. They are refurbished and sold as low cost handsets to places such as Africa and Asia. Phones that have reached their end of life are broken down and recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

Find out more

To find out more visit the Swapkit website or phone 09 377 4750.