Kerbside Recycling Collection Changes: FAQs

Recycling in the Horowhenua District is set to change on 1 July 2019 as Council introduces improvements to the kerbside recycling collection service.

We've put together some common questions about the upcoming changes and the corresponding answers.

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Yes. Kerbside recycling services were previously provided by commercial kerbside rubbish collection service operators. On 1 July, Council took over providing kerbside recycling services through a contractor. For this reason, the solid waste rate has increased from about $22 to about $36 for 2019/20 for urban residents and from $15 to $25 for rural residents.

If you live on a private road or a road that is difficult for our recycling truck to access, you may need to take your recycling to a collection point. To check your collection point, please visit the Rubbish and Recycling Services page. 

If you’re unsure whether your road needs a collection point, please contact us on  06 366 0999. 

The kerbside recycling service has been extended to cover:

  • Bergin Road, Foxton 4814
  • Florida Road, Muhunoa East 5570
  • Grefor Lane, Waitārere Beach 5510
  • Ivy Lane, Ōhau 5570
  • Speldhurst Country Estate, Levin 5571
  • Ōhau Gravels Way, Ōhau 5570
  • Paeroa Road, Levin Rural 5572
  • Pinot Cresent, Ōhau 5570
  • Pretoria Road, Shannon 4474
  • St Laurent Way, Ōhau 5570
  • Tui Glen Drive, Levin 5571
  • Woven Stone Way, Ōhau 5570

If you live in these areas,  your kerbside recycling service started from 1 July. Check My Neighbourhood for your next collection date.

However, properties on some rural roads will still not receive the kerbside recycling service. Rural roads often have high speed limits and are too narrow for the recycling truck to pull safely off the road while workers collect the recycling. This creates a safety hazard for workers and other traffic.

Yes. In 2018, we consulted the community about our Waste Minimisation and Management Plan, which said we would procure a new recycling collection contract. Additional information was provided for the community public engagement on the Annual Plan 2019/20.

Recycling wheelie bin  Green recycling crate
Paper and cardboard – Newspapers, magazines and circulars, egg cartons, boxes, envelopes Glass bottles
Tins and cans - Aluminium drink cans, steel food tins, metal jar and bottle lids, metal aerosol cans Glass jars
Hard plastics – Plastic bottles, plastic containers  
Please don't recycle...
Soft plastics – Plastic bags, bread bags, food wrappers Broken glass
Polystyrene  Light bulbs
General rubbish  Window and mirror glass
Food waste  Pyrex and heatproof bakeware
Garden waste  Drinking and crystal glasses
Electrical and electronic waste   
Hazardous waste   

Horowhenua District Council sends recycling to a materials recovery facility in Palmerston North for sorting and processing prior to sale on the recycling market. Many recycled materials are bought and used within New Zealand.

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