Applying for a Corridor Access Request (CAR) - No Excavation

Council has streamlined the process to lodge a Corridor Access Request (CAR), with the introduction of the CorridorAccess website. This website can be used to lodge applications for all non excavation activities, not requiring service locations such as power, water, etc.

When a Contractor uses this online service, the system will automatically contact each registered asset owner on their behalf, saving time and money. The system will then also generate a CAR which goes to Council. Contractors will only need to make a single request and the service will do the rest.

You will be required to register your company details and provide essential contact information. Don't worry; the registration process is very simple.

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Corridor Access Request (CAR) Website

When lodging a CAR request you will be asked questions to identify the type of activity you are completing, the location of activity and when you are intending to undertake the activity.

Most importantly, you will be required to submit a Traffic Management Plan at the time of application.  This plan must be drawn up by a person holding the Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) Level 1 qualification.

For further information on how to become STMS Level 1 qualified, please contact Council's Roading Team (06) 366 0999 or search for 'STMS Training' on any website search engine, eg Google. There are various training providers in our Region.

Traffic Management Plans Required When Working Within the Berm Area or on a Footpath

All areas of road reserve require a Traffic Management Plan to be submitted and approved by Council.

Work Access Permits (WAPs)

Once the CAR has been processed by Council a Works Access Permit (WAP) is issued to the applicant, along with all relevant local conditions.

Starting Work Without a WAP

Council will immediately issue a Stop Work Notice if work is started without a WAP. You will be required to remove all structures and equipment from the site to make the site safe.

Council will revoke the stop work notice upon issuance of the WorksAccess Permit. Continued infringing will result a ban from being able to undertake any future work within the Transport Corridor.


If you have any questions regarding the Corridor Access Request (CAR) process please contact Council's Roading Team (06) 366 0999 or email