Resource Consent Process

The process below applies to both land use and subdivision consents.

The process varies, depending on the reason resource consent is required and whether the application needs to be notified. A rough outline of the process is:

  1. Apply for resource consent (this may include a pre-application meeting).
  2. Council Planner checks the application to ensure it's complete. If the application isn't complete, it cannot be processed so will be rejected. We'll return your application to you with reasons.
  3. Planner assesses the application, which may include input from other Council departments (such as engineers) and a site visit.
  4. Council may formally request further information, resulting in the application being placed on hold.
  5. Notification decision is made (we'll advise you prior to notifying the application, to give you a chance to consult with affected parties or amend/withdraw the application).
  6. If the application is non-notified, the decision will be made whether to grant or refuse consent. As the applicant, you can appeal/object to the decision or conditions.

    Notified Resource Consent Applications only

  7. The application will be notified and will be open for submissions (more information below).
  8. Following the close of submissions a hearing may be held and/or further information may be required.
  9. Decision will be made whether to grant or refuse consent.
  10. Applicants or submitters may appeal the decision to the Environment Court.