E- Waste Recycling is now cheaper with a new subsided service

E-Waste Recycling - TV on Hokio Beach.


We’ve listened to resident feedback about the cost of doing the right thing being too high, so we’ve introduced a new subsided service to make electronic recycling more affordable.

Any size and type of TV is now $20 to recycle. We’ve also made some items free to recycle, including all household batteries, car batteries, energy-saving lightbulbs, cellphones, computer desktops and servers.

TVs are a common item dumped illegally throughout the Horowhenua’s beautiful natural environment. This poses serious risks to our community, pets, and tamariki. Do the right thing and recycle your electronics.

E-Waste recycling is available at Foxton and Shannon Waste Transfer Stations.


Why recycle E-Waste?

Rubbish Truck Fire due to batteries.Electronics are one of the most hazardous things to throw away.

Computers and televisions contain lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium, yet most are not recycled or disposed of properly.

Batteries of any size pose serious fire risks, both during collection and disposal in landfills.

Our very own recycling truck caught fire recently, after a small battery was mistakenly disposed of in a curbside recycling bin.

Electronic products also have many valuable and scarce parts that can meet future product needs. There are environmental impacts associated with the production of some of these elements.


Why does it cost?

The dismantling and recycling process for electronics is complicated and hazardous. There are many stages of the process which incur a cost.

For example, most electronic appliances have plastic casings which have a fire retardant added to them.

This is highly toxic, especially if disposed of in the wrong manner eg burnt or dumped in a stream.

To dispose of this plastic in the correct manner you have to be licensed and accredited. Only a handful of companies have this accreditation, so the plastic has to be shipped to them.


Where does it go?

Our E-Waste is recycled by the South Waikato Achievement Centre (SWAC), a social enterprise that provides a living wage and hospital-level care housing to disadvantaged residents.

SWAC operate a specialised recycling enterprise, recycling 50 tonne of electronic waste per month in a safe and sustainable way. 

Since it was formed, the Trust has considered employment to be a key part of enabling people to lead a fulfilling life with opportunity to earn an income, develop a sense of belonging and form friendships.

The Trust considers employment as a key element to leading a normal life. Employment opportunities are created by the Trust’s operation of four financially viable social enterprises which employ over 60 people according to their capabilities.


What can E-Waste be recycled into?

Here are all the different things your e-waste can be used for:

  • Plastic is recycled into irrigation pipe and tubing
  • Leaded glass is used for tile pigmentation
  • Glass can be made into fluorescent powder
  • Precious metals are sold for refining
  • Copper is sold for smelting
  • Other metals are sold for smelting where possible
  • Wire insulation is processed into plastic resins.

Any components that can’t be recycled are disposed of safely.

How is it recycled?

Televisions have many components that can be recycled for future product needs. Below is a breakdown of a television’s individual parts, and the recycling journey that they take.

Televisions have many components that can be recycled for future product needs. Below is a breakdown of a television’s individual parts, and the recycling journey that they take.

Recycling Process Diagram Graphic(PDF, 2MB)


Price List

E-Waste that can be recycled free of charge. 

Item Price
Desktop Computers/Servers (complete tower only) Free
Mobile phones/GPS/digital cameras/computer mice Free
Batteries (All household batteries) Free
Compact fluorescent lightbulbs Free


Item Price
Stereos/car stereos/gaming consoles $2
Small Computer Items (eg speakers/keyboards/docking stations/hubs/modems/switches/routers) $3
Small Appliances (eg heaters/fans/toasters/kettles/blenders/alarm clocks/phones/cameras)
Batteries (quantities over 2kg) $4/kg
Misc $4/kg
Laptop and tablets and UPS $5
DVD/VCR/CD players $5
Medium Appliances (eg vacuum cleaners/microwaves) $5
Computer Monitors $12
Printers/scanners/fax machines $15
Televisions $20
Large Appliances (eg washing machines/dryers/dishwashers) $20
Appliances that need to be degassed (eg fridges and freezers) $30
Photocopiers $50