Extend a specified life

A building owner may request to extend the life of the building.

Most buildings are expected to have an indefinite life exceeding 50 years. Sometimes buildings can be assessed as having a life of less than 50 years, possibly due to building work not fully complying with the Building Code or the building being designated for temporary use. These factors and the building's intended life need to be stated on the application for building consent.

Any building consent issued for a building with a specified intended life is subject to the condition that the building be altered, removed or demolished before the end of its stated life.

More information regarding extension to the specified life of a building can be found on the MBIE website.

How to apply

A building owner may request to extend the life of the building. Requests must be made in writing to Council.

Requirements for subdivision of existing building (Section 116A)

Council must not issue a certificate under section 224(f) of the Resource Management Act 1991 for the purposes of giving effect to a subdivision affecting a building or part of a building unless it is satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that the building will comply, as nearly as is reasonably practicable, with every provision of the Building Code that relates to the following:

  • Means of escape from fire.
  • Access and facilities for people with disabilities (if this is a requirement for the building).
  • Protection of other property.

The building must also continue to comply with the other provisions of the Building Code to at least the same extent as before the subdivision application was made.