Building - Fees & Charges


Horowhenua District Council's Building fees and charges for the 2018/2019 financial year are available below.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2018. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with Council for any updates.

Special Notes

  1. The Council is obliged under the Building Act to collect levies payable to  BRANZ and Central Government.  

  2. Additional to these fees are any bonds that may be applicable, any structural engineering checking, vehicle crossing inspection, and any legal or consultancy cost that may be incurred by the Council during the processing of the applications.

  3. Building consent fees are split into those activities for which a set fee will apply (Section A below) and those for which a time based fee will apply (Section B below).

  4. Set Fee Consents: Applies to consents where the value of work, including labour, is less than $20,000.00. If the value of work is $20,000.00 or more, the consent will be assessed as a Time Based Consent because of the associated levy requirements that then apply.

  5. All building consent applications are subject to a Digital Capture and an Accreditation Levy.

Section A: Set Fee Building Consent Fees Payable at Lodgement    
Work Type: Building Consent Fee  2018/19 Fees
Freestanding Fire (Inspection Required)
Total charge including Digital Capture & Accreditation Levy (see Note 5)
Inbuilt Fire (2 x Inspections Required)
Total charge including Digital Capture & Accreditation Levy (see Note 5)
New Pool Installation and Pool Fencing 
Total charge including Digital Capture & Accreditation Levy (see Note 5)
Section B: Time-Based Building Consent Fees 2018/2019 Fees 
Building Consent Fees (per hour)  $150.00 
Non-refundable deposit lodgement fee $800.00 

The following Consent Application types are charged on a time base for processing and inspection purposes:

  • New Residential Dwellings
  • New Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Additions and Alterations
  • Commercial Additions and Alterations
  • Sleepouts
  • Repiling
  • Relocatable Dwellings and Yard Builts
  • All Plumbing and Drainage Work
  • Dairy Sheds
  • Wet Floor Showers
  • Garages, including Minor Farm Building Implement Sheds and the like
  • Conservatory > 5m²
  • Any other work not specifically stated

An indicative cost will be given at the time of lodgement of the Consent. An invoice for anticipated costs will be issued which must be paid prior to the issuance of the Building Consent. At completion of works overpayments will be refunded, or additional costs invoiced which must be paid before a Code Compliance Certificate will be issued.

Invoice costs will also include fee for PIMs, Statutory Levies payable to BRANZ and the Department of Building and Housing, and any deposits/bonds required. 
Other Fees
(These fees may be applicable to building consents or may be applied as a single charge).
2018/19 Fees  
Certificate of Title Search Fee  $50.00 
New Compliance Schedule (Specified Systems BA04)   $150 + $40.00 per specified system. Charge includes Compliance Schedule statement
Alteration to Existing Compliance Schedule   Time based hourly rate
Building Warrant of Fitness Audit/Inspection (S111 of BA04)  Time-based hourly rate
Producer Statement Acceptance  $65.00
Time-based Consent Lodgement Fee (non-refundable)  $800.00
Code Compliance Certificate (additional to any other charge)  $66.00
On Works cost, eg Fire Service Design Review Unit  Cost plus 20%
Section 72 Certificate Condition (Planning)  $275.00 
Section 75 Certificate Condition (Planning)  $225.00
Certificate of Acceptance (Plus Applicable Consent Fee)  $600.00
Application fee plus time based hourly rate assessment fee plus inspection costs, plus statutory levies plus Digital Capture and Accreditation levies. 
PIM   Time-based hourly rate
Digital Capture Levy  $150.00
Accreditation Levy   $25.00 
Photocopying Charges (A3 and A4)   $1.00 per page
Amended Documentation Fee (Time Related)   Time-based hourly rate 
Building Act Exempt Work Assessment (Domestic)   $150.00 application fee plus time based on hourly rate plus levies. 
Building Act Exempt Work Assessment (Commercial) $150.00 application fee plus time based on hourly rate plus levies.
Certificate for Public Use   $560.00 
Inspection of building work (per inspection) - applies to Time- Based Consents  $150.00
Vehicle Crossing Deposit (if no indemnity form signed)   
- Urban (as defined in District Plan)  $2,000.00 
- Rural (as defined in District Plan)  $1,500.00 
Statutory Levies In Addition To Any Fees in this Table    
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Levy $2.01 per $1,000.00 of building work for which there is a consent valued at $20,444.00 or more
BRANZ Levy $1.00 per $1,000.00 of building work for which there is a building consent valued at $20,000.00 or more
Other Fees and Charges   
Amusement Permit  Set by legislation
Fencing Inspection Fee $150.00 per inspection 
Building Warrant of Fitness Renewal  $75.00 
Building Warrant of Fitness Audit Fee  Time based hourly rate