Subdivision Consents

The subdivision of land requires resource consent even if it is only a boundary adjustment where no additional lots are created. 

There are some important differences between consent granted for a land use activity and consent granted for subdivision, the main difference being that subdivision requires three stages of approval. The process does not stop once a decision has been made to grant subdivision consent.

Approval Stages

The three stages of approval are:

  • Subdivision Consent - decision made to grant subdivision consent 
  • Section 223 approval - approval of the title plan showing the new boundaries, this must be approved within 5 years of the consent decision. 
  • Section 224 approval - completion of any physical works to form the subdivision, these works must be approved within 3 years of the section 223 approval. 

Before you proceed

If you are considering undertaking a subdivision you are strongly advised to speak to both a surveyor and a Consents Officer.  This will give you a good understanding of the steps and costs involved. You can also check our Operative District Plan 2015 page to get an idea as to whether your property can be subdivided.  

Subdivision and Engineering Details

As part of the review of the Operative District Plan 1999, Council reviewed its subdivision and engineering requirements for development in the District. The Horowhenua District Council Subdivision and Development Principles and Requirements 2012 is available below.

HDC Subdivision and Development Principles and Requirements (Version November 2012)(PDF, 996KB)
Appendix One: Vehicle Crossings(PDF, 1MB)  
Appendix Two: Stormwater Disposal to Soakpits(PDF, 512KB)  
Appendix Three: Pumping Stations(PDF, 388KB)  
Appendix Four: Working in Roads and Trench Construction(PDF, 1MB)
Appendix Five: As-Builts(PDF, 909KB)