Code Compliance Certificates

This page contains information about Code Compliance Certificates (CCC).

After the final inspection has been passed, you will need to formally apply for a Code Compliance Certificate on the form that will be posted to you. A Code Compliance Certificate means that the building work complies with the Building Code and the Building Consent.

When you apply for your Code Compliance Certificate you may be required to supply supporting documentation such as energy work certificates or PS4 (engineer’s producer statement) before the certificate can be issued.

Horowhenua District Council may be unable to issue the Code Compliance Certificate if any of the required inspections have been missed or the required producer statements cannot be provided. Without a Code Compliance Certificate you may experience difficulties insuring your property or selling it in the future.

A review of the fees paid for inspections will be made when the Code Compliance Certificate has been approved for issue. The Code Compliance Certificate will not be issued if there are any unpaid fees, and/or any other outstanding charges such as development contributions.

Processing Code Compliance Certificate applications

The Building Act requires us to process your application for a Code Compliance Certificate within twenty (20) working days. The “clock” starts when we receive your application. As with Building Consent applications, the “clock” will stop if your application is suspended awaiting additional inspections, documentation or fees and will restart when the issue has been resolved.

If an application for a Code Compliance Certificate has not been received within two (2) years after the Building Consent was granted, the Council is obliged to decide whether or not to issue the Certificate.

In some circumstances we may refuse to issue a Code Compliance Certificate; for example, if the work is not complete or does not comply, or if you fail to supply the required documentation.

A Compliance Schedule will be issued with the Code Compliance Certificate where the building has specified systems that have been added, removed or altered. Residential dwellings require a Compliance Schedule only if they are serviced by a cable car. Where the Compliance Schedule is new, a Compliance Schedule Statement will also be issued.

Compliance Schedules

A Compliance Schedule is a document issued by Council for a public and commercial building if it contains any specified systems, i.e. automatic doors or emergency lighting. The Compliance Schedule will contain the systems and features including the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures needed to keep them in good working order. A single household unit will require a Compliance Schedule only if it contains or is serviced by a cable car. A Compliance Schedule must be kept on site and made available to Council officers, and/or authorised agents during business hours. The specified systems are listed in Schedule 1, Building Regulations 2005.

Compliance Schedule Statements

A Compliance Schedule Statement is issued by Council as a temporary public notification of Compliance Schedule requirements and is to be replaced in 12 months time and annually thereafter by a Building Warrant of Fitness.