Dog owners - do we have your correct details?

Published on 08 May 2017

Dog on beach

Dog owners with any changes to their contact details or dog ownership status should ensure that Council is notified of these as soon as possible.

Dog registration papers will be sent to the last-recorded address of each dog owner in the last week of June.

The registration fees and charges for the year starting 1 July 2017 are available from Council and on the Animal Control - Fees and Charges page.

There have been slight increases to some dog classes, but only by $1 or $2 per registration. Aside from Disability Assist Dogs which are free, registrations range from Puppy at $45 up to Dangerous Dog Entire at $265, with most fees falling between $56 and $114.

Anyone who believes that they are a responsible dog owner may qualify for Selected Owner Status and gain a reduction in their registration fees. Application forms are available from Council and on the Dog Registration Fees and Charges page of Council’s website.

Dog owners who believe they may have difficulty in paying their registration fees are encouraged to contact Council as soon as possible on 06 366 0999 or and discuss possible payment options.

Horowhenua’s dog registration fees are still lower than those charged by most other councils in New Zealand. Registration fees are necessary to cover the costs faced by the Council and so it can meet its obligations under the Dog Control Act. The fees cover about three-quarters of the cost to run Council's Animal Services department, as well as action complaints, pay for education programmes and material, pound facilities, and legal costs. The balance is covered by Council.