Council surveys view on Easter Sunday trading

Published on 17 March 2017


Should shops in Horowhenua be allowed to trade on Easter Sunday?

This is one of six questions that Horowhenua District Council is asking the community in a survey.

Customer and Regulatory Services Manager Mike Lepper says a recent change in Government legislation has given councils a new opportunity to decide whether to allow shops to open on Easter Sunday in all or part of their territories.

“We would like to hear people’s views on whether or not Easter Sunday trading should be allowed in our District,” he said.

“This survey is just to test the initial views of the community and the feedback will be used to help inform councillors about whether to draft a policy or retain the status quo. If Council decides to develop a policy to allow shops in Horowhenua to open on Easter Sunday, there will be a formal consultation and submissions process with the community.”

Mr Lepper said there are some legislative rules on the issue.

“Shop employees have the right to refuse to work on Easter Sunday, without providing a reason to their employer. Also, as Easter Sunday is not a public holiday, staff are not entitled to extra pay if they did work.”

The survey includes six questions with multi-choice answers, plus room to provide additional feedback on whether shops in Horowhenua should be allowed to trade on Easter Sunday.

The survey is available from Council’s customer service centres in Levin, Foxton and Shannon or on request by phoning 06 366 0999 or emailing

The survey is also available to complete online at

The survey closes at 12 noon on Monday 3 April 2017.