Road Works - Intersection of Ballance and Vogel Streets, Shannon

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Horowhenua District Council gives notice of road works to be carried out at the intersection of Ballance Street and Vogel Street in Shannon. 

Why are road works needed?

The works will address pedestrian and traffic safety hazards, such as the high number of pedestrians crossing Vogel Street without a crossing facility, no dedicated route for pedestrians around the service station, and vehicles turning into Vogel Street from Ballance Street at high speed and cutting the corner.

What improvements will be carried out?

Safety improvements will include a raised pedestrian platform for crossing Vogel Street, a footpath around the forecourt of the service station, entrance ways for easy access to the service station, and a raised island on Vogel Street.

In addition, the works will improve the quality of the road to reduce future maintenance costs and meet current and predicted needs.

When will the works take place?

Road works were scheduled to begin in mid-May, however these have been postponed until spring 2019. Works will take place between 7am and 5pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays as required.

Who do I talk to if I have questions or concerns?

If you have any enquiries, please contact Roading Projects Engineer Xitij Sakalkar on 06 366 0999.