Removal of Problematic Tributes and Displays at District Cemeteries

31 March 2019, 08:00 AM

Cemeteries are a shared space with special meaning for many in our community. Horowhenua District Council is committed to keeping our cemeteries well maintained and tidy to provide a respectful environment for you to remember your loved ones.

You are welcome to leave flowers and appropriate small adornments that fit next to the headstone, clear of the lawn, at gravesites. However, please be aware that Council may remove displays and tributes outside the headstone base that interfere with mowing, plot maintenance, burials or other cemetery operations. Council may also remove broken, neglected or inappropriate items.

There are currently a large number of problematic tributes and displays in our district cemeteries, and Council will focus on removing these in late February and early March. If you have graveside tributes or displays that encroach beyond the headstone base, please collect them before Wednesday 27 February.

Council will store any items removed in late February and early March for six months to give family members a chance to recover them. Items not claimed within that time will be disposed of.

For more information, please visit the Cemeteries page of our website or contact us on 06 366 0999.