Water restrictions are now in place across Horowhenua

Published on 24 November 2017


This afternoon Horowhenua District Council announced Level Two Water Restrictions for the townships of Shannon and Tokomaru.

Levin already has Level Two Water Restrictions, while Level One Water Restrictions apply to Foxton and Foxton Beach.

Water Services Engineer Levaai Toremana says the long dry November has seen river levels drop across Horowhenua and in many parts of New Zealand.

“Water restrictions now apply right across the District. We are appealing for everyone to conserve water. As a result, Council has cancelled the cleaning of all its facilities for the foreseeable future.”

“Some rain is predicted for next week however it may not be enough to alleviate the situation,” she says.

NIWA is predicting a warmer than normal summer.

“If this is the case we may need to escalate the water restrictions to Level Three or Level Four. We hope to avoid this as long as possible and the best way to do that is if everyone makes an effort and reduces their water use,” says Mrs Toremana.

Levin / Shannon / Tokomaru residents

What does Level Two Water Restrictions mean for me?

  • Garden sprinklers and soak hoses are banned – use a hand-held hose instead but only on an odd or even day – if your street number is odd then do this on an odd day.
  • Hosing on paved areas is prohibited unless cleaning is required except in an emergency. Instead please use a bucket to wash down paved areas.
  • Washing windows with a hose is banned – instead use a bucket.
  • Washing your car with a hose is banned – instead use a bucket.

But I’ve seen sprinklers on at a local sports ground?

Only those grounds that have bore water can continue to use sprinklers etc, or if they bought in tanker water.

Why do we have to?

Levin/Shannon/Tokomaru – Because we do not have a dam or bore water. Instead our water takes are from streams and rivers. 

Foxton and Foxton Beach residents

What does Level One Water Restrictions mean for me?

Conserve water:

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Check your toilet cistern and taps for leaks and call a plumber if there is an issue
  • Use a bucket for cleaning items outside
  • Sweep rather than hose
  • Put a plug in the sink when washing vegetables or hand-washing dishes.

For more information: Horowhenua District Council on (06) 366 0999 or enquiries@horowhenua.govt.nz