Public recordings of Council or Committee meetings require permission

Published on 11 October 2018

Video camera.

Following a resolution of Horowhenua District Council, members of the public will have to seek permission to film a Committee or Council meeting.

The Notice of Motion was put by Councillor Bernie Wanden and seconded by Councillor Neville Gimblett at yesterday’s Council meeting.

Cr Bernie Wanden said the Notice of Motion protects the rights and privacy of members of the public and staff.

“I support the live streaming of meetings,” said Cr Wanden. “However, I am concerned at people filming staff members and members of the public.”

Cr Neville Gimblett said he is happy to be scrutinised as a Councillor and he is happy for live streaming to occur.

“My concern is for members of the public and Council officers – they do not deserve to be singled out and filmed.”

Cr Gimblett said he believes the Notice of Motion provides flexibility as the Committee or Council can make the decision to allow filming or not.

“The Notice of Motion brings us into line with Parliament’s rules and the public should find solace in that,” said Cr Gimblett.

Horowhenua District Council Acting Chief Executive Officer Mark Lester said the Notice of Motion does not affect the audio-visual recordings of Council meetings that are publicly available on the Council’s website.

The Notice of Motion states:

A. That filming and recording of Council and all Committee meetings (including in-committee meetings) and Council briefings is not permitted by elected members or members of the public unless resolved otherwise by the Council or the Committee on a case by case basis.

B. In addition, elected members are not permitted to film or record other elected members without expressed consent.


That Standing Orders be amended to remove 11.4 Public may record meetings.