Placemaking projects brighten up Levin’s town centre

Published on 11 April 2019

Adopt a Pot.

Levin’s town centre is being brightened up with large plant pots full of colourful blooms through the ‘Adopt a Pot’ placemaking initiative.

The plant pots are a partnership between Horowhenua District Council and local businesses, with Council sponsoring and owning the pot, and a local business taking responsibility for planting, watering and looking after it.

Horowhenua District Council Strategic Planner Lauren Baddock said Adopt a Pot is part of Council’s commitment to make Levin’s town centre more attractive under the Transforming Taitoko/Levin Town Centre Strategy.

“The idea came from a six-week trial Keep Horowhenua Beautiful did before Christmas. They sponsored two pots, which were adopted by The Professionals and Caffeinate. There was lots of positive feedback and interest from other businesses, so Council picked up the idea as a placemaking initiative,” she said.

Council is initially sponsoring ten pots, although there is a possibility of more if the first ten are successful. Sponge Kitchen, By Design, Clarks and Envy Hairdressing were some of the first businesses to have signed up to adopt pots.

Ms Baddock said it was important to Council that the pots were made locally.

“This is a partnership with local business in every sense. The pots are made of concrete by a local business, Yard Art, and can be painted any colour or simple pattern the business adopting the pot requests. Because each pot is individually moulded and painted, they take about a week to make.”

The Professionals salesperson Denyse Howell-Styles said the company was delighted to have some beautiful flowers to look after, and she encouraged others to take part.

“I think it’s all about positivity. It makes people feel comfortable when they come into town and see things that are attractive. People want to be part of Levin growing into a great community, and we can help to do that by taking pride in our shop fronts,” she said.

A second placemaking initiative would see Council partner with Hell Pizza to create a shared community space on their Oxford Street food truck site that can be enjoyed by both the general public and Hell Pizza customers.

Ms Baddock said Council had worked with the Hell Pizza to develop a shared vision for the site to enhance its appearance and create a space for Hell Pizza customers and the wider community.

“Ideas for the site include temporary use of the Transforming Taitoko/Levin shipping container; tables, chairs and beanbags; games and toys; site works; and signage showing that the space is for the community to use,” she said.