Next steps for the Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads

Published on 16 May 2019

Thumbnail image for District-wide Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads consultation.

The formal engagement period of Council’s Rural Speed Limit Review has now ended. The initial online survey had 740 participants and 98 submissions were received from people and groups during the formal engagement process.

Council is pleased with the high level of public response on this issue, and we would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who took part.

What happens next?

The final decision on the proposals will be made by Council. Council officers have completed reviewing the submissions received and are currently preparing a report to assist Council's decision making. The report, which takes the submissions into account, will have recommendations for proposed speed limit changes. The recommendations report will be tabled for discussion at the full Council meeting scheduled for 12 June 2019.

Information about the changes we’re proposing and the explanations will be made available on our website as soon as the report is completed.

If proposed speed limits are confirmed by Council, the speed limit changes will come into effect in July this year. To enable the new speed limits to be enforceable, new signage will need to be installed around the district and this will take place in the weeks after the speed limits come into effect. We will keep you posted of progress on our website.

Speed limit changes were proposed for most of our rural roads, including rural residential roads and unsealed roads, with the aim of ensuring the speed limits on our rural roads are safe, appropriate and consistent across the district.

Read the Statement of Proposal(PDF, 155KB)

Will there be any further reviews?

Yes, we will be undertaking a speed limit review for the district’s urban roads during the 2019/2020 Financial Year.