Laboratory analysis confirms Horowhenua’s drinking water safe

Published on 15 February 2018

Water from tap.

A laboratory analysis has confirmed that Horowhenua’s drinking water is safe.

Horowhenua District Council commissioned the analysis following concerns raised last year.

The analysis, conducted independently by the IANZ-accredited Environmental Laboratory Services, checked drinking water supplied to Levin, Foxton, Foxton Beach, Shannon and Tokomaru for the presence of heavy metals, such as arsenic, chromium and lead.  

“As part of our proactive approach to our responsibility for public health, we decided to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all our town water supplies,” said Paul Gaydon, Water and Waste Services Manager for Horowhenua District Council.

“The results of the analysis showed that the town water supplied to our communities contains safe levels of heavy metals. Not one of the results exceeded the maximum safe level of trace heavy metals allowed by the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand,” he said.

Mr Gaydon said samples of water were taken from the water reticulation network, which is the water the community actually drinks, rather than untreated water. This ensured that any possible effects of chemicals used during the water treatment process or the water reticulation network itself were accounted for, he said.  

“It gives me great pleasure to state with confidence that our water will have absolutely no adverse effect on our community’s health.”

Mr Gaydon plans to carry out the independent testing every five years as a precautionary measure, which surpasses the testing required by the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards.