Horowhenua residents urged to vote

Published on 03 October 2019


Concern at low voting return numbers in Local Government Elections in Horowhenua

The Horowhenua Deputy Electoral Officer is urging people to get their voting documents in as return rates indicate a low turnout.

As of 3 October 2019, only 19% of the district had voted, which is well down on the same period in the voting cycle during the 2016 and 2010 election campaigns when 26% had voted and the 2013 elections when 28% had voted.

“Unfortunately, we are tracking towards the lowest turnout yet,” said Horowhenua Deputy Electoral Officer Tiffany Glower.

“Traditionally our District has had one of the highest turnouts in the country. I’m hoping there will be a large surge of votes in the last week of the election period.”

Mrs Gower said if you haven’t received your voting documents in the mail, then you should make a special vote.

Special votes are typically made when an eligible elector hasn’t enrolled before 16 August, and therefore won’t receive voting papers in the mail. They can also be made if the voting paper has been damaged or lost, if it’s not practicable for the elector to cast an ordinary vote (e.g. is overseas) or if the elector is on the Unpublished Roll.

Special voting is available in Levin at Council’s main office during opening hours, or in Foxton at Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during opening hours. Both offices would also be open on Saturday, 12 October until midday.

For those who did receive their voting documents in the mail, they need to be returned in the post by Tuesday, 8 October in order to meet the election deadline. After that date, you’ll need to cast your vote in ballot boxes at Council’s main office, or Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom by midday on Saturday 12 October

For more information about local elections visit www.vote2019.co.nz

Information on candidates can be found on council website www.horowhenua.govt.nz/election.







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