Horowhenua community drives a new Housing Action Plan

Published on 03 October 2019


A Housing Action plan, which was developed with the community, has been adopted by Horowhenua District Council.

The Action Plan is the result of a number of forums and workshops initiated by the Community Wellbeing Committee in March 2019.

Community Wellbeing Committee Chair, Barry Judd said housing is one of six action priorities for the Committee.

“As a community we know Horowhenua has a number of housing challenges. It was important that we got all the right people in the room, to discuss exactly what those were and identify where we may be able to make some positive changes for our community”.

The Action Plan outlines four key priority areas which are:

  • Regulatory policy, delivery, infrastructure and advisory services
  • Increasing supply of affordable housing
  • Māori and Papakāinga housing
  • Pasifika housing development

 “This Housing Action Plan aims to provide a comprehensive response, alongside our community, to improve housing affordability for all residents. It looks at and beyond the development process to innovative housing solutions, and initiatives such as trade training, financial literacy, partnerships and pastoral care” Mr Judd said.

With the recent Census data showing Horowhenua as the third fastest growing district in the central and lower North Island, General Manager Horowhenua 2040 and Partnership Development Nicki Brady said that with the creation of this plan, our job is not over.

“Housing is not a standalone issue, the Housing Action Plan articulates that the voices of our community do not view housing in isolation and definitely not without understanding the interactions with culture, employment, education, health and identity”.

“This is not just a Central Government problem.  We all have a stake in the now, and for the future, to think about those who are not in the room, and what we leave for the next generation” Mrs Brady said.

“Many people, many families make a village. Through our mahi we have a better understanding of the context we are working within, and our people, our community, have guided us to what we need to do about it”.

Mrs Brady said Council’s adoption of the Housing Action Plan set a framework for Council to address the immediate opportunities as presented by the community, while work continues on Version 2.0 of the plan which will set a more impactful, holistic and long term plan that directly addresses the target groups housing needs.  

For more information, please contact comms@horowhenua.govt.nz

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