Foxton Community Board retained in final representation proposal

Published on 12 July 2018

Thumbnail image for Representation Review consultation.

Horowhenua District Council has voted to retain the Foxton Community Board in its final proposal for representation arrangements in Horowhenua for the 2019 and 2022 local elections.

The decision was taken at the Representation Review deliberations last night.

Foxton Community Board Chair David Roache described it as “a good result” and said he was pleased with the way Elected Members had taken public submissions into account in their deliberations.

“There were a lot of high-quality submissions in support of retaining the Foxton Community Board, and Elected Members listened to those and looked at the submissions in depth,” he said.

Council’s initial proposal for representation arrangements proposed not to retain the Foxton Community Board, and was publicly consulted on between May and June this year.

During the consultation period, Council received 104 submissions on the initial proposal for representation arrangements, and 86 of those opposed the proposal not to retain the Foxton Community Board. In addition, Council received a petition signed by 358 individuals in support of retaining the community board.

Mayor of Horowhenua Michael Feyen thanked members of the public for taking the time to make a submission and said he was pleased with the outcome of the deliberations.

“This shows public submissions can make a difference. I’m very pleased that the Foxton Community Board will be retained and that both Kere Kere Ward councillors will be members,” he said.

Elected Members voted to return to the traditional practice of having both Kere Kere Ward councillors on the Foxton Community Board. The number was reduced to one following the last Representation Review.

The final proposal for the number of wards, councillors and ward boundaries remains the same as in the initial proposal, which recommended continuing with the status quo. This was supported by over 70 per cent of submissions received during public consultation.

Horowhenua District Council’s Group Manager Corporate Services, Mark Lester, said there will now be a further one-month consultation period, due to the changes made to Council’s initial proposal.

Feedback received during the consultation, all information on the process and any appeals or objections will then be sent to the Local Government Commission, which will make the final determination by 10 April 2019.