Feedback sought on Proposed District Plan Change 4 - Taraika

Published on November 16, 2020

Taraika Master Plan thumbnail image - Artist impression of area.

Consultation has begun on a proposal to change the designation of 420 hectares of land zoned for lifestyle blocks to make way for the most significant residential development in the history of the district.

The development, Taraika, is proposed for the southeast side of Levin and will become home to around 5,000 people living in approximately 2,500 homes. The development will have parks, reserves, a local shopping centre, a primary school, stormwater retention areas, and several roads and a shared pathway to ensure Taraika is an integral part of Levin.

Horowhenua Mayor Bernie Wanden said the district needs more land that is zoned as residential if it is to meet the demand of the growing population.

“The latest independent prediction is that more than 62,000 people will call Horowhenua home by 2041,” said Mayor Wanden. “Taraika is one of the developments that will help us meet this demand and offer a variety of housing types, while working to protect the lifestyle we love.”

Mayor Wanden said Taraika is the ideal location for more homes.

“Existing infrastructure networks can be extended to accommodate the new homes, which will result in a lower cost than if we had to create new infrastructure from scratch.”

Group Manager Customer and Strategy, David McCorkindale, said the land in question is currently zoned as Greenbelt Residential or Greenbelt Residential Deferred. The land is primarily used for cow and sheep grazing and lifestyle blocks.

“This means that regardless of whether the land is rezoned through this process or not, the intention was for homes to be located here at some stage. We’re asking people to consider the density of those homes, the neighbourhood amenities and the connectivity to Levin.

“The submission process runs from Monday 16 November 2020 through to 5pm on Monday 1 February 2021. You can find out more about the submission by visiting or by picking up a copy from Council’s Office on Oxford Street in Levin, or any Council Library in Levin, Foxton and Shannon.”

The following District Plan amendments are proposed as part of Proposed Plan Change 4:

●Remove Structure Plan 13 from the District Plan

●Introduce a new ‘Taraika Multi-Zone Precinct’ Chapter to the District Plan with a supporting structure plan and associated objectives, policies, and rules

●Rezone land within the Taraika Master Plan Area from Greenbelt Residential Deferred to Greenbelt Residential, Low Density Residential, Standard Residential, Medium Density Residential, Commercial and Open Space

●Introduce new subdivision rules

●Introduce some new bulk and location rules

●Introduce new rules relating to commercial activities

The inclusion of two new chapters:

●Chapter 6A – Objectives and Policies: Taraika Growth Area

●Chapter 15 – Rules: Taraika Growth Area

And, updates to:

●Planning Map 30 & 31

●Replacement of Structure Plan 13

The Proposed Plan Change 4 was created to enable the development of the Taraika Master Plan, which was developed in partnership with iwi and landowners, and in collaboration with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and the Ministry of Education.

To find out more please email, or call (06) 3660999 and ask to speak to Strategic Planner, Lauren Baddock.

Timeline to date:

2017: Various landowners in the area apply for multiple subdivisions

2018: Council starts to develop a Master Plan


●April-May: Government announces COVID-19 response package and Council applies for funds


  • Public Engagement on Taraika Master Plan began
  • Crown Infrastructure Partners announced $25M in loans and grants to fast-track the project

●November: Council approves Proposed Plan Change 4 to go out for notification

●December: Work on improving sewage network connectivity starts

Update on COVID-19 Response infrastructure funding

In August, Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) announced it would fund loans and grants up to $25M to fast track the development of Taraika. The announcement was part of the government’s response to COVID-19 to ensure jobs would come online if a recession occurred.

Since then, Council has worked behind the scenes to develop a programme of works, with more information set to be made public later this month.

The first physical works that will be undertaken is on connecting Queen Street East with the existing sewer network on Queen Street West – Council is working with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency on this project as the Agency is about to start work on a roundabout at the intersection of Queen Street and SH57.