Maintenance work to fix the storm-damaged Foxton Beach Wharf to start

Published on May 11, 2021

Maintenance of Foxton Beach Wharf.

After the old jetty was removed in 2014, gabion baskets were put in place as a temporary measure to protect the wharf. However, five years ago the gabion baskets eroded away causing part of the wharf to close to the public.

Cr Ross Brannigan said the wharf has been part of life at Foxton Beach for generations. “It’s one of the best-used and highly valued community assets in the district, so it’s great that several organisations have come together to fix it.”

Up to 800 tonnes of rock will strengthen the wharf and help prevent storm damage for many years to come.

Horowhenua District Council Project Manager Tony Parsons said since funding for the project was secured earlier this year, a local contractor was appointed and they’ll be on-site from next week. Mr Parsons said part of the wharf and the carpark will be closed to the public throughout the duration of the maintenance project. “While there, the existing Manawatū Estuary Shared Pathway will be extended by 75 metres so that it connects up to the Wharf.”

Earlier this year, the Foxton Community Board agreed to fund half of the cost of the project from the Foxton Beach Freeholding Account, with the other half of the costs being paid for by Horowhenua District Council and Horizons Regional Council. One of the main users of the wharf, the Manawatu Marine Boat Club, is also taking the opportunity to fund some repair work.

The project is authorised by the Department of Conservation under the provisions of the Conservation Act 1987.

Foxton’s Caldow Builders will complete the work and Horowhenua District Council’s Infrastructure Development Group will manage the project. The project work is both tide and weather dependent.

The project will be completed by July 2021 and a public opening will be held – time and date to be confirmed.