Levin, Shannon and Tokomaru Water Supply Update - 5

Published on June 30, 2021


Horowhenua District Council can confirm that water treatment plant reservoir levels are now at levels deemed safe. However, as large water usage businesses re-connect to the supply, and water pressure levels are increased across the network, we’re asking residents to continue to conserve water where practical for the next 24 hours e.g. reducing showering times, or filling your sink once for dishes.

The increased storage levels can be directly attributed to the strong response from the community with their water conservation efforts over the past 48 hours.

District Mayor Bernie Wanden says everybody in the community should be very proud of their efforts. The sacrifices made over the past 48 hours have contributed to the replenishing of our water storage levels, however, we’re not quite over the finish line.

At times, we do take our water supply for granted and this incident has been a bit of reminder for us about what we can do to reduce the amount of water we use in our everyday lives.

Council commends the community for their response and thanks them for the patience.


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