Levin, Shannon and Tokomaru Water Supply Update - 4

Published on June 29, 2021


Residents of Levin, Tokomaru and Shannon are being reminded to continue conserving water in their households, especially as the 6pm water usage peak nears.

The water treatment plant reservoir levels are approaching safe levels, but there is still some water conservation efforts needed to ensure we are fully out of the woods.

The current total capacity for the Levin reservoirs are now at approximately 50%, which is sufficient to meet current demand with the community continuing to conserve water usage. Shannon is at approximately 60% which is sufficient to meet demand with continued water conservation measures. For Tokomaru, the reservoir has been filled with tanker water to increase storage whilst minor repair works are carried our at the water intake, this tankered water is currently meeting local demand with storage capacity at approximately 60%, works are anticipated to be completed tomorrow.

The increased storage levels can be attributed to the water conservation efforts of the community, after the phone alerts and messaging from the Mayor and Council were sent to the Community the daily consumption reduced significantly. We identified an approximate 40-50% drop in peak water consumption. Council commends the community for responding so quickly to the request to reduce or stop water use immediately, and their patience whilst the water storage levels increase.

It is expected that the water treatment plant reservoirs levels will reach safe operating levels overnight, an update to residents can be expected tomorrow morning.

Council thanks the community for their patience and cooperation in what has been a community wide response.

Please use Council’s website and Facebook page for official updates and help Council get the message out by sharing. 

Levin, Shannon and Tokomaru residents reminded to continue conserving water.

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