Horowhenua is growing fast and we need more homes

Published on June 29, 2022

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Horowhenua is one of the fastest growing districts in Aotearoa. As the economy grows, so does the attraction of Horowhenua as a place to live and work, increasing the pressure on housing in the District.

"We know the housing shortage is nothing new, but Council's Streamlined Housing Process is a new opportunity to address the critical need for affordable housing. The new process can help people build more homes so more people can get into homes," says Monique Davidson, Horowhenua District Council's Chief Executive.

"Whether you're a developer, would-be-developer or a homeowner planning to build a new home or building on underused land in Horowhenua, we're making it easier for you to build new homes in the area with the new Streamlined Housing Process (SHP)."

With our population forecast to reach over 62,000 by 2041, the next 20 years will transform Horowhenua. "How we plan for the future and respond to change is vital to prepare for the growth and make the most of the opportunities growth offers," Davidson explains.

The SHP aims to streamline the consent process for housing development projects that meet specified criteria to encourage better utilisation of existing residential land. "This initiative aims to reduce the cost and uncertainty involved with the resource consent process for this type of development," says David McCorkindale, Group Manager Customer and Strategy.

Although Council won't be able to guarantee approval, the process should provide a smoother pathway to get consent approved. The information supporting the SHP will benefit applicants unfamiliar with the consent process or requirements."

Where can I learn more?

Start your journey by attending one of Council's drop in sessions and learn more about the SHP. Alternatively contact Council to make a time to speak with one of the team about this process.

Drop in sessions

  • Tuesday 5 July - 1pm to 4 pm - Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, 92 Main Street, Foxton
  • Wednesday 6 July - 3pm to 6pm - Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō, 10 Bath Street, Levin

How does the SHP work?

  • Council streamlined parts of the consenting process to make the process easier to understand and more straightforward to navigate.
  • We've prepared a series of preferred design approaches and ways to build more homes on sites (technical solutions for infill housing).
  • Non-notified resource consent approval may be possible for applications that follow the new design approaches.
  • Existing homes on larger sites may be subdivided into smaller units.
  • The SHP will focus on moderate to medium-density infill housing, one- and two-storey buildings. In some cases – if neighbours agree – three-storey dwellings may be built.

Who can use the SHP?

  • It might work for you if you have a residential section to subdivide or if you're a developer looking to redevelop a larger site.
  • Would-be investors who have equity and landowners that may have thought the process was too hard in the past or that their property didn't have development potential are encouraged to learn more.

"Our ultimate goal is to help people build, buy and rent affordable housing in the District, and the SHP is another tool to help do that. This initiative currently only applies to residential-zoned land in Levin, Foxton, Foxton Beach and Shannon. If the pilot is successful, it will inform future District Plan Changes to formalise a broader range of residential opportunities," Davidson ends.

For more information, visit our Streamlined Housing Process page.

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