Gladstone Road realignment fast tracked

Published on June 30, 2021


Gladstone Road, Levin, suffered a substantial landslip in February 2017. Since then, the slip has continued to be active and as a result the residents have been subjected to multiple, regular, short term road closures. 

The heavy rainfall event on Sunday 27 June has now brought down a second major landslip on Gladstone Road. Due to the severity of the second slip, Council has since decided to abandon this at-risk section of Gladstone Road and fast track the building of a new 1.4km alignment for Gladstone Road.

The new route will bypass the most at-risk sections of Gladstone Road. The project will build two new bridges across the Makahika Stream, one at each end of a 1.3km section of new road built on a terrace between the Makahika Stream and Ōhau River.

In the interim a new temporary road, with temporary crossing points across the river, will be constructed to by-pass the at-risk section. This will give residents a safer alternate route during the construction of the new permanent route.

It is timely that last week Council was successfully approved funding from Waka Kotahi to build the more resilient access route for the Gladstone Road community.

The total project cost is $4.8 million, with the Waka Kotahi subsidy covering 62% of the cost.

Roading Services Manager James Wallace said, “The road will be a welcome addition for the Gladstone Road community. He thanks the community for their patience and understanding through what has been a testing time for everyone.

The second landslip has now caused permanent closure of Gladstone Road. This leaves one resident only access route, which requires a 4x4, which is not ideal. We’re currently constructing a second emergency access, but it’s fair to say, the sooner the permanent road is constructed the better. The new road will be much safer for residents and visitors to the area.”

With the section of Gladstone Road now permanently closed, contractors are building an emergency access road near where the final alignment of the new road will be. This access road will be safe to use for 2 wheel drive cars. It is anticipated that this will be completed and ready for use within the next two weeks.

Work is also underway to improve the safety of the Trig Road for users, and repair various issues past the slip sites, including scouring on the abutment of Wai-iti Stream No.2 Bridge.

Construction of the new Gladstone Road is expected to be completed over the next 12 months.