Foxton Transfer Station to temporarily close for upgrade

Published on June 03, 2022


The Foxton Transfer Station will be temporarily closed while the site gets a refresh.

Upgrades to the Foxton Transfer Station will mean new recycling opportunities and a fairer charging system for waste services for the community. The upgrades include the introduction of a new weighbridge and a new layout, with increased options to make recycling more accessible for the Foxton and surrounding communities.

The site will be closed for three weeks from Monday 13 June while the changes are completed.

Under new reporting requirements from the Ministry for the Environment, the new weighbridge will measure and charge loads fairly for users, using weight measurements to accurately capture the Waste Levy Tax. This tax goes back to the Ministry for the Environment where it is split up to invest in new infrastructure across Aotearoa and local government for Waste Minimisation Activities.

Recycling is encouraged to offset the costs of general waste as waste levies increase. To promote good recycling habits, more recycling options will be available at the Foxton Transfer Station.

Water and Waste Services Manager Asli Crawford says “More recycling options mean less items going to waste. By sorting loads, savings can be made. Concrete, reusable lengths of timber, and electronics are encouraged to be taken to the Foxton Transfer Station. Embracing recycling has big environmental benefits and can also reduce the price you pay on the gate.”

When the Foxton Transfer Station reopens, people will have access to cheaper concrete drop-offs, subsidised e-waste options, and free small household battery recycling, drink cartons, and lightbulb recycling.

A paint swap initiative is also being introduced. Unwanted usable paint can be dropped off at the Foxton Transfer Station, allowing community groups and individuals to turn trash into treasure for their projects.

The free 24/7 recycling station for glass, plastic, cans and cardboard will remain open while work is completed at the transfer station, but will be temporarily moved to the nearby Piriharakeke Walkway carpark during the closure. Its new, permanent placement will be by the back gate at the transfer station when the site reopens.

Special hours will be applied to the Shannon Transfer Station (located at the northern end of Thompson Street) for waste removal needs not covered by the 24/7 recycling facility. Temporary opening hours for the Shannon Transfer Station during the three-week closure of the Foxton Transfer Station will be:

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday from 12pm to 4pm; and
  • Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

The Foxton Transfer Station will reopen on Monday 4 July provided there are no unexpected delays.

We apologise for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience while work is carried out.

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