Interacting with Council staff

If you’re unsure of what is required or where to find information specific to your situation, call our Customer Service Centre on 06 366 0999 or visit the Council Offices during office hours.

You can also request an appointment with our Customer and Development Enabler who can help you navigate and streamline your interactions with Council Staff. Melissa Hanson is contactable directly on

Or you may prefer to simply utilize the below listed quick links to access more information about Council processes relevant to business users.

The District Plan describes what you can do on your property. If you wish to deviate from the rules set out in the plan, you will need resource consent.

Building Consents
The building consent process ensures your project meets the criteria of the Building Act 2004.

Registration of premises
Some businesses need a licence or certificate of registration to operate. These include food premises, hairdressers, camping grounds and funeral homes.

Commercial food premises
Guided by the 2014 Food Act , businesses offering food for sale must operate to specific standards, so food is properly handled and prepared.

Liquor licensing
There are various liquor licences – on, off, club, special and temporary authority, licensing also issue Manager Certificates.