Community Outcomes


Horowhenua District Council's Community Outcomes form part of the Long Term Plan 2018-2038. These are what we aim to achieve in meeting the current future needs of our communities for good quality infrastructure, public services and performance of regulatory functions.

The outcomes and associated bullet points listed below are in no particular order.


Thriving Communities

Long Term Plan 2018-2038 Community Outcome for Thriving Communities.   
  • Our communities have a ‘sense of place’ that makes people feel proud to live here.
  • Our communities have access to health, social and recreation facilities which enable people to enjoy positive healthy lifestyles.
  • Our communities live in a safe and supportive environment and are empowered to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Our communities are inclusive, connected and have the opportunity to influence local outcomes and decisions.
  • Our communities are resilient and provide for intergenerational well-being through networks which care for all ages.
  • Our communities individually and collectively participate in community development.


An Exuberant Economy

Long Term Plan 2018-2038 Community Outcome for An Exuberant Economy.
  • We are a welcoming, enabling and business friendly District that encourages local economic development.
  • We provide opportunities for people of all ages and at all phases of life to enjoy a quality of living within our District that is economically sustainable and affordable.
  • We recognise and manage the effects of population growth and actively promote the District as a destination of choice.
  • We value the role our District’s natural, cultural and social assets play in supporting economic development.


Stunning Environment

Long Term Plan 2018-2038 Community Outcome for Stunning Environment.
  • We are proud of our natural and built environments.
  • We sustainably manage our environment and natural resources to ensure they can be enjoyed now and by future generations.
  • We recognise that our natural environment plays a vital role in sustaining the District.
  • We actively support improving the health of our District’s rivers, lakes and waterways.


Enabling Infrastructure

Long Term Plan 2018-2038 Community Outcome for Enabling Infrastructure.
  • Our facilities and infrastructure services are planned and developed for each town or village in our District to meet current and future needs.
  • Waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and efficiency, and water conservation are promoted as part of how we all live.
  • We have reliable, efficient and well planned community facilities and infrastructure services.
  • Our community facilities and infrastructure are built resiliently, preparing us to combat climate change and natural hazards.


Partnership with Tangata Whenua

Long Term Plan 2018-2038 Community Outcome for Partnership with Tangata Whenua.png
  • We acknowledge our partnership with the Tangata Whenua of our district through a proactive approach to the Treaty of Waitangi and its principles.
  • We support Mana Whenua to maintain and enhance their traditions with their ancestral lands and waterways, wahi tapu and other taonga.
  • We work with local marae, hapu and Iwi to support their development and capacity building.
  • We value working together to achieve common goals. 


Vibrant Cultures

Long Term Plan 2018-2038 Community Outcome for Vibrant Cultures.
  • We are proud of the heritage and diversity of our District and our people.
  • We respect each other and what we each contribute to the District through our traditions and culture.
  • Our community’s cultural diversity is celebrated.