Long Term Plan 2018-2038 (Te Mahere Tūroa)

The Long Term Plan (LTP) is Council's key strategic planning document. It outlines Council's financial situation as well as the levels of service we are committed to for the activities we undertake and capital projects work programme for at least ten years, with a focus on the first three years. However for the first time, we have created a 20 year LTP.

The Long Term Plan 2018-2038 was adopted by Council on 27 June 2018 and is available below (please note the large file size).

Long Term Plan 2018-2038(PDF, 18MB)
Long Term Plan Post-Engagement Summary(PDF, 382KB)

Why 20 years?

We did this because the Horowhenua population is growing faster than it has for nearly a quarter of a century and this growth is expected to continue for the next 20 years.

Council’s forecasting assumes the population will grow by just over 1% per year for the next 20 years, so by 2038 about 41,128 people will call Horowhenua home. However, in the past two years the growth rate has exceeded the forecast. Growth is being prompted by international immigration, and regional migration resulting from the development of the Wellington Northern Corridor Expressway.

What’s in it?

The LTP is based on a prudent Financial Strategy that aims to manage the expected growth while living within our means. The Financial Strategy focuses on maintaining a balanced budget while ensuring infrastructural assets are suitably managed.

At the same time, the LTP provides for Council to continue work on existing projects to maintain and improve levels of service and plan for growth. Council is continuing its commitment to stormwater improvements, renewing existing water and wastewater infrastructure, upgrades and improvements to infrastructure such as roads, shared pathways, and renewals of playgrounds and sports grounds.

In addition to the continued commitment to ongoing work, some new projects are on the cards as a result of consultation. This includes feasibility studies into providing water and wastewater to Ōhau and water to Waitārere Beach and proceeding with a study of stormwater entering Lake Horowhenua.

How did we get here?

We carried out pre-engagement with the community in 2017 to develop the draft Long Term Plan. We asked everyone to consider “what’s our future?” and to tell us about the community they want to live in 20 years down the track. It was from these conversations, as well as workshops with Elected Members, that we created the 2018-2038 draft Long Term Plan Consultation Document in February 2018.

The Consultation Document asked the community to consider three key challenges: the future of our community halls, season length of the Foxton Pool, and providing water supply and wastewater infrastructure to our growing settlements, as well as their thoughts on revised Community Outcomes, a review of the Māori Rates Remission Policy, water sustainability, and the need for a community centre in Shannon.

We received some excellent feedback from the community via submissions. Following hearings, Elected Members deliberated on the submissions. The changes approved as part of the deliberations have been incorporated into this LTP.

Getting to know our Community Outcomes

Our Community Outcomes form part of the LTP. These are what we aim to achieve in meeting the current future needs of our communities for good quality infrastructure, public services and performance of regulatory functions. These outcomes can be viewed on our Community Outcomes page.