Review of Protected Heritage Buildings

Horowhenua District Council is reviewing the heritage features that are protected in its District Plan. As part of this review, throughout December 2015 and January 2016 Council called for members of the public to nominate historically significant buildings, structures or sites which they believe should be evaluated for future protection.

Nominations closed on 29 January 2016, with 78 nominations received. These nominations have been compiled and assessed by heritage experts. Based on the findings of the experts, Council has decided to undertake a plan change to the Horowhenua District Plan to add heritage buildings, structures and sites to the list of features that are currently protected under the Plan. Details about this Proposed Plan Change can be found on our Proposed Plan Change 1 page.

Please note that this review primarily focuses on historic buildings and structures. Historical sites of cultural significance will be looked at separately.

What is heritage and why is it important?

Heritage is a term that is generally used to describe buildings, sites, objects and other elements we value from the past and want to safeguard for future generations.

Heritage is important because it provides us with a sense of identity and continuity by:

  • teaching us about those who came before us;
  • providing a context for our community identity;
  • providing variety and contrast and a measure by which we can compare the achievements of today; and
  • providing evidence of the continuity between the past, present and future.

The District Plan is one of the tools Council can use to protect the district's important heritage features from inappropriate development or demolition.

Buildings and Structures currently protected

There are 52 buildings and structures that are currently protected under Schedule 2 of the District Plan. To view these heritage buildings and structures please download Schedule 2 available below.

Horowhenua District Plan 2015 - Schedule 2 - Historic Heritage(PDF, 180KB)

The District Plan includes provisions which provide a level of protection for listed heritage buildings and structures. This is to ensure that the historical significance of these buildings and structures is retained, whilst also enabling owners to maintain and redecorate these them as the need arises.

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