Heritage Incentives

Heritage Incentives.

1. Overview

Horowhenua District Council has incentives available to encourage the conservation and restoration of heritage features identified within the Horowhenua District Plan as being historically significant.

2. Waiver or reimbursement of consent fees

Owners of District Plan listed heritage buildings, structures and sites, and those who own property within the Town Centre Heritage and Character Areas of Foxton and Shannon, are currently required to apply for, and obtain, resource consent prior to undertaking certain works on their property. Owners of non-heritage properties are not required to go through this additional process.

The purpose of requiring resource consent is to ensure that the historically significant values or heritage character of the property are not adversely affected by the works. The protection of the historical values of these properties has a public benefit, however resource consents can be costly and this currently places an additional burden on heritage property owners.


Eligible to apply are:

  • owners of property listed in Schedule 2 of the Operative Horowhenua District Plan; and
  • owners of property within the Town Centre Heritage and Character Areas of Foxton and Shannon (as shown on Planning Maps 15A and 21A of the Operative Horowhenua District Plan)

for work associated with those properties. 

Not eligible are Council and Central Government entities. Also not eligible are applicants that have received financial assistance through the Horowhenua District Council Heritage Fund to cover their resource consent fees.


Processing fees (heritage component only) for resource consents that the applicant has had to apply for because of the listing or location in the Horowhenua District Plan.

The fees associated with specialist reports, consent application preparation and monitoring will not be covered. The fees associated with a consent to demolish a heritage building will not be covered either.

Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • eligibility of applicant (ie does the applicant meet the criteria of who can apply);
  • application requires a resource consent because of heritage listing (or proposed listing) or heritage location in the Operative Horowhenua District Plan;
  • the Council supports the proposed works (ie consent has been granted and not declined or withdrawn); and
  • if the work conserves or restores the heritage value of the building, structure or site (eg essential repairs or alterations, complementary signage, or earthquake strengthening).

Decision to reimburse

The Council allocates $20,000 each financial year to heritage resource consent fee waiver/reimbursement (to be reviewed in 2020/21). The amount that can be paid to the applicant is capped at $2,000 per resource consent application.

How to apply

A lodgement fee will be paid by the applicant at the time of the consent application, with the balance of the fees payable once the decision has been issued. The applicant can apply to have the fees waived within one month of receiving the final invoice.

Alternatively the fees can be paid and an application to be reimbursed can be made later. The application for reimbursement must be made within the same financial year (beginning of July one year to end of June the following year) as the consent being granted.

To apply for either a waiver or reimbursement please complete the online form available below.

Apply Online.

Information about Horowhenua District Council's Heritage Fund can be viewed on our Heritage Fund page.