TAB Venue Policy 2017

This policy was adopted at the duly notified Council meeting held on 27 November 2017, and after completion of the special consultative procedure, and takes effect from 28 November 2017. This policy will be reviewed within three (3) years of being adopted by Council.

The Racing Act 2003 (amended by Schedule 8 of the Gambling Act 2003) requires that the Horowhenua District Council adopts a Board (hereinafter referred to as TAB) venue policy for the District in accordance with the special consultative procedure in s83 of the Local Government Act 2002.

The TAB Venue Policy must specify whether or not new TAB venues may be established in the District and, if so, where they may be located. In the development of its policy, Council must have regard to the social impact of gambling on the Horowhenua District communities.

Objectives of the Policy

The purpose of the Racing Act 2003 is:

  1. To provide effective governance arrangements for the racing industry; and
  2. To facilitate betting on galloping, harness and greyhound races, and other sporting events; and
  3. To promote the long-term viability of New Zealand racing.

This Policy has been prepared to take account of the purpose of the Racing Act 2003. The objective of the Horowhenua District Council's TAB Venue Policy is to provide for the continued opportunity to facilitate race and sports betting within the District in accordance with the purpose and intent of the Racing Act 2003. All current opportunities for sports or race betting within the District have been considered when setting this policy and include current Pub/social outlets and opportunities for telephone and internet gambling.

TAB Venue Policy(PDF, 5KB)