Operative Online District Plan 2015


This page contains online versions of our Horowhenua District Plan 2015.

Purpose of the District Plan

Horowhenua District Council is required to have a District Plan under the Resource Management Act 1991. The main purpose of the District Plan is to ensure that land use and subdivision in the Horowhenua District are sustainably managed.

To help achieve this, the District Plan identifies zones (eg Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural) for different land uses in the Horowhenua District. Each zone has different objectives, policies and rules associated with it under the District Plan which are tailored to the land use and activities typical to that particular zone. There are also provisions in the District Plan that apply to all properties in spite of the zoning such as Hazardous Substances and Utilities and Energy.

Hard copies of the Horowhenua District Plan 2015 are available for inspection at Council's Service Centres and libraries in Levin, Foxton and Shannon. If you wish to purchase a copy of the District Plan please contact the Consents Team via phone on 06 366 0999. For information on understanding the Horowhenua District Plan, please contact the Consents Team on 06 366 0999.

District Plan Modifications – NPS-UD (car parking)

District Plan modifications made due to NPS-UD requirements - 20 December 2021

The National Policy Statement for Urban Development (NPS-UD) was gazetted in July 2020, of which the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development were the lead agencies. The NPS-UD includes a number of directions that seek to achieve well-functioning urban environments. Many of these directions focus on a sufficient supply of zoned and serviced land for housing and business development.

Horowhenua District Council is a Tier 3 territorial authority. Therefore, the NPS-UD directs that Horowhenua District Council must amend its District Plan to remove district plan rules, assessment criteria, policies and objectives that have the effect of setting minimum car parking rates. The NPS-UD directs that this change be made without using a Schedule 1 RMA process, providing no opportunity for consultation – simply change. As Council is required to make the specified changes by the specified date of 20 February 2022 by MfE, Council have proceeded with making modifications to chapters of the District Plan while retaining standards that set a minimum requirement for on-site accessible car parking, in line with NPS-UD requirements.

Please see below the chapters that Council have made modifications to, available for viewing in their respective parts:

District Plan modifications made due to NPS-UD requirements:

  • Chapter 6 Urban Environment 
  • Chapter 10 Land Transport
  • Chapter 15 Residential Zone
  • Chapter 16 Industrial Zone
  • Chapter 17 Commercial Zone
  • Chapter 18 Greenbelt Residential Zone
  • Chapter 19 Rural Zone
  • Chapter 20 Open Space
  • Chapter 21 Vehicle Access
  • Chapter 25 Assessment Criteria


Part D - Assessment Matters

Chapter 25 - Assessment Criteria(PDF, 446KB)


Part E - General Provisions

Plan Changes 1 and 2 became operative on 1 November 2018 and all changes have been incorporated into the Chapters below. Please contact the Duty Planner if you require further information. A full copy of the decisions is below:

Proposed Plan Change 2: Review of Residential Development Provisions - Decision(PDF, 7MB)
Proposed Plan Change 1: Historic Heritage - Decision(PDF, 4MB)
Chapter 26 - Definitions(PDF, 401KB)
Chapter 27 - Monitoring(PDF, 149KB)
Chapter 28 - General Provisions(PDF, 245KB)