Tokomaru Water Supply

The project has been completed. You can read more about the 18-year water take resource consent that was granted by Horizons Regional Council

Engagement is ongoing with Ngāti Whakatere and a Cultural Impact Assessment has been completed with the following recommendations:

  • Council agrees to enable regular stream health and mātauranga Māori monitoring of the Tokomaru Awa, where possible with annual participation from ngā kura (Tokomaru and Shannon schools) to build intergenerational kaitiaki capacity;
  • Council agrees to resource the capacity of Ngāti Whakatere and collaborate directly with the hapū to manage the Tokomaru water supply take and other activities at the Horseshoe Bend Reserve significant area/site;
  • Council agrees to resource Ngāti Whakatere to collaborate with Council to develop communication (possibly signage or an information whare similar to Tū te Manawa) acknowledging the cultural significance of the Horseshoe Bend Reserve area;
  • Regular meetings between Council and Ngāti Whakatere representatives are needed to progress and achieve these recommendations.
  • Support for the project has been received from Rangitāne o Manawatū and MidCentral District Health Board and written approval has been received from the Department of Conservation and Fish and Game.

The application was publicly notified in 2019 and two submissions in support of the application were received.

Horizons Regional Council provided Draft Conditions (with an expiry of 2038). However,  Council sought changes to those conditions including reducing the flow rate during dry conditions to reduce the likelhood of water restrictions, and to provide for community growth. An alternate suite of conditions was developed and there is now general agreement between the District and Regional Council. Discussions around the provisions during extended low flow period occurred and were resolved. 

Tokomaru Water Supply - Map of exsting water supply, greenbelt zones and potential growth area.

Who are we working with?

Ngāti Whakatere, Rangitāne o Manawatū, the Department of Conservation, Fish & Game and MidCentral District Health Board.

More Information

For more information about the project please view the Finance Audit & Risk Committee Meeting Agenda for the meeting on 29 July 2020 for the last project update.